What is Brazilian vs Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

When it comes to getting pubic hair removal with a Laser and talking about a normally private area many people considering having permanent hair removal through laser hair removal treatment typically don’t know who to ask about the hair removal experience or they don’t feel comfortable asking it can also be confusing or even embarrassing for some.

What exactly are Brazilian laser hair removal and Bikini lines? What is the difference between Brazilian laser hair removal and bikini laser hair options? What is the relationship difference between Brazilian and Bikini or Hollywood, and other laser hair removal options?

Keep reading this full guide to Bikini vs Brazilian laser hair removal and the variety of different hair removal styles. Discover which option is right for you and remove tricky hard-to-reach hair in the pubic region.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal vs Bikini?

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The main difference between the two most popular styles Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal is in how much pubic hair is removed and from what area it is removed. It boils down to personal preference.

Brazilian laser hair removal is a style of laser hair removal that is specifically used by anyone who wants to remove all but a very small area strategically placed strip or shape or for anyone who wants to remove all hair in the pubic area and be completely bare.

It can be used to treat both men and women, and it involves using a high-powered laser to target and destroy the hair follicles in the pubic area.

Bikini laser hair removal is a similar procedure but it focuses on removing hair from the bikini line, which is the area around the legs, hips, and crotch.

Brazilian laser hair removal includes the perineal and labia areas as well. Brazilian laser hair is used when you want to completely bare and remove all of the unwanted hair in your pubic area.

Bikini laser hair removal can be used to target specific areas such as the top of the leg or lower stomach and will help with smoother skin and less skin irritation than wax treatments or shaving.

Both treatments are safe and effective when performed by an experienced technician.

Remember no matter which one you choose laser hair removal is the best solution for long-term hair removal and will be better than what you have been doing before you choose laser hair removal.

Any laser bikini hair removal will prevent stubble and red bikini bumps from appearing. It will also prevent discomfort and side effects caused by the other hair removal options.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal.

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One of the best ways to describe what hair is removed with bikini laser hair removal treatment is to imagine your unique body and the hair that grows in that area of your body, from the outside of the panty line to the thigh.

On average approximately three inches of unwanted pubic hair can grow outside the bathing suit panty line on most people.

With bikini treatment laser hair removal, this unwanted hard-to-control pubic hair in the area of the body that is growing outside the bathing suit panty line is removed forever!

Along with the three inches outside the swimsuit panty line, approximately one inch of hair inside the panty line, on the side of the labia, is removed to ensure no hair will show when swimming or being active.

Additionally, hair from the top of the mons pubic region is removed approximately two inches below the hip crease and one inch below the hip line with Bikini Laser Hair Treatments.

Remember for best results that choosing a technician you feel comfortable with and who listens and works well with your goals is more important than the industry-standard hair removal or bikini laser area.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What is Brazilian vs Bikini Laser Hair Removal?
Brazilian Laser Hair Removal In Progress

The Brazilian Hair removal treatment can provide total hair removal. It is used to remove all the hair that the bikini line treatments do, plus complete removal of all the hair from the more sensitive areas, like the perianal and labia regions.

The Brazilian treatment area not only includes the entire bikini area described above it also consists of the perirectal area between the buttocks. Imagine an effective way to remove hair from every crack and crevice.

Brazilian hair removal is an effective treatment that can help give you flawless skin in sensitive hard-to-reach areas.

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No more unwanted pubic hair to shave in the front and no more complicated reaching around your backside with a sharp razor trying in vain to get the hard-to-shave hairs between your buttocks.

The full Brazilian laser hair removal option can leave you completely bare. However, many women who choose Brazilian treatments opt to keep some hair in the mom’s pubic region.

Some standard options or various hair removal styles for the different types of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are explained in detail below.

Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What is Brazilian vs Bikini Laser Hair Removal?
Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at The Spa

This is full and permanent hair removal from all parts of the bikini area, including all the hair removed in the bikini line treatment, plus all the hair removed in the sensitive areas of the labia and perianal and all hair removed above from the mons pubis area. Furthermore, hair is removed from behind in the perirectal area between the buttocks.

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Brazilian with a Landing Strip.

The Brazilian Landing Strip also known as the Hollywood Strip or just the Strip option is a very popular option and lets people keep some of their hair which can be shaved easily or permanently removed with more treatments if not wanted later.

Having some hair left on top that is easy to get to and remove later combined with the clean aesthetically pleasing look of total hair removal below (in all the hard-to-reach spots) gives people styling control options later that going totally hairless does not.

Brazilian with Triangle

Like the option above, the Brazilian triangle is sometimes referred to as the triangle of love or Brazilian Bermuda. 

This Brazilian hair removal treatment is popular because it gives women all the benefits of hair removal in hard-to-reach areas, with just a triangle left above. 

The triangle is also famous because many women want to have different options and styles later with the hair in the pubis area, and the triangle leaves them more hair than the landing strip option.

Brazilian with Custom Design

Brazillian with a custom shape is a favorite option for people who want a custom design and shape left above. Some people have a favorite shape like a diamond or heart shape.

Keep in mind that any idea you come up with that is not the Brazilian triangle or strip be custom and have a custom course of treatment to be discussed in detail with your laser technician. 

Just make sure you have an experienced tech that communicates well so it is perfectly clear about what you want, and if the custom design or shape is something your laser hair removal technician can have the skill to do. 

Why I Chose Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal First

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Master of depilation. Young dark-haired master of laser depilation providing service for client

For me, it was the frustration of shaving body hair so much and the disappointing outcome from all my hard work. The razor burn, red bumps, and the ugly ingrown hairs. I could never achieve the flawless appearance I wanted or even desired to have.

I have sensitive skin, and I worry about bikini bumps and ingrown hairs that sometimes turn into big red spots I tried bikini line waxing my dark hair downstairs a few times, and I even went all out once and got a Brazilian wax at a spa. I remember being very self-conscious and even embarrassed during the Brazilian wax.

I discovered the hard way that the Brazilian wax was not good for me. I had to use ice packs and ibuprofen because it was excruciating, and I swelled up really bad. I never got the results I was looking for all the times waxing at home or at the spas, and the bikini bottom pain was not worth the disappointing outcomes.

I suppose my story is not that different from many of the women who decide to get laser hair removal. I got sick and tired of shaving in so much hair around my perianal areas and that part of the body in general.

After shaving so often, being disappointed about how little hair I actually removed on that part of the body and with all the other hair removal methods that hurt and don’t work long-term.

So I took the first step and scheduled a free consultation. During the free, no-obligation consultation, we discussed my goals and how I wanted the best option for an extended period without shaving or waxing.

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Or even better, I wanted a permanent solution for a basic bikini line, so I didn’t have to deal with the frustration and razor burn anymore. The tech, my good friend I told you about earlier, suggested I start my first treatment conservatively. That same day I started my first Brazilian laser hair removal session.

The good news is that starting conservatively with a bikini line treatment was an excellent way for me to fall in love with the whole process. Since that time, I have received way more laser hair removal treatments.

My very first laser treatment was the Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Treatment. I was thrilled with the results and was so happy that I didn’t have to shave as much. However, after completing the bikini line treatments, it wasn’t too long before I desired even less hair.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Ended Up Being The Best Choice For Me.

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When I decided to get the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. I loved the results of previous upper lip treatments the laser removal bikini line treatments and how easy and relatively pain-free the laser hair removal work and process were.

I became excited thinking about total hair removal and permanent hair loss. And how easy it would be for me to be hair free in my bikini area and always ready for the bikini look and bikini season.

One thing to remember when deciding between Bikini or Brazilian is that the bikini laser treatment is an effective solution but bikini line hair removal requires more maintenance than the Brazilian.

Just from the fact that you still have pubic hair on the labia and perineum, and it grows and will need to be trimmed back, shaved, or waxed,

When I decided to get Brazilian because I wanted more hair removed in a larger area than the area bikini treatment offered. I wanted a removal style that removes almost all pubic hair. I also wanted hair removal styles that remove the hair in the buttock crack.

Also, to keep the areas I wanted hair free, there was still some unwanted pubic hair upkeep and shaving involved after the bikini line laser treatment.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Preparing for Brazilian laser hair removal is an important step in the process. The most important preparation tip is to shave the area that will be treated 24-48 before your appointment.

Shaving helps the laser target and remove only the hair follicles and not the surrounding skin. It’s necessary to avoid waxing, plucking, depilatory creams, or any other hair removal methods to prevent pain and damage during treatment.

Additionally, you should also avoid tanning salons or sun exposure on the area a few weeks before your session as this can cause complications for your skin after treatment.

Lastly, it’s important to discuss with your laser technician if any medications you take affect how well lasers work on your skin type.

How many full Brazilian laser hair removal sessions do you need to undergo?

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The number of laser sessions varies from person to person. The main factors that determine how practical each session is are primarily different skin types and your hair’s characteristics.

Factors that influence how effective Brazilian laser treatment is include your hair’s thickness, consistency, and color. 

Because of this and many more scientific and genetic factors, the number of sessions a patient must attend generally varies from 7 to 10 recommended for permanent hair removal and to ensure all hair has been removed.

I went through Eight total Brazilian sessions and remembered adding more areas because my Brazilian treatments only took 15 to 20 minutes per session. 

I spent way more time driving to my laser hair removal appointment than on permanent hair reduction.

How long do you have to wait between Sessions?

 Hair grows in cycles. Laser hair removal typically takes 18 months from your first session (with 4-8 week intervals) to reach a clinical endpoint.

You need multiple treatments to target all hair follicles, not just active follicles. The treatment sessions and laser hair removal procedures are designed to correspond with the growth of hair and the hair growth cycle.

How long does bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal sessions take? 

The flawless look for full bikini hair removal takes between 7 to 10 sessions the great news is that the size of the area is small, so the treatment sessions only take 10 to 15 mins, and after some time between sessions, it is a great way to ensure the treated area is completely lasered when the hair is in the proper growing cycle.

Does it matter what skin color I have if I want to get laser hair removal?

When laser hair removal first became available in the 90s some of the technology and the quality of lasers were not as good as they are today. It was not considered safe for light skin or dark skin because of possible pigment damage from the old laser technology.

With today’s more advanced laser hair removal devices, laser specialists can set the laser settings to treat all skin types, from very dark skin to very fair skin. Today’s lasers are safer than ever.

They can be set to remove less hair with different levels of laser light energy they can take just a little bit of growth and little inches in delicate places without burning or harming the skin.

Today’s lasers are better at removing hair from people who used to be excluded from laser hair removal. The lasers were not advanced enough to work on blonde or red hair.

The old lasers used in the 1990s when the FDA first approved laser hair removal devices did not work well on most skin tones.

Every year, advances in laser technology and laser hair removal get better. Today’s high-tech lasers can be programmed to each customer so that the customer’s skin tone and hair color are not as challenging to treat as before.

If you have beach blonde hair, very fair red hair, or even some grey hair, you need to book a free consultation to see if your hair qualifies.

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